International artist Norman Coker has spent a lifetime documenting his view of the world through painting.  With a career spanning over 70 years, his art has sold all over the world. 

This selection of his works demonstrates the versatility of his talent, and the range of his achievements.  His autobiography ‘A brush with my pallet’ tells the story of how his love of art began at a young age, and how he became a jazz pianist.  The book includes technical and professional advice, as well as local history, and accounts of his travels and life experiences.

“My central theme is the achievements of ones dreams despite inevitable setbacks but only with hard work and dedication.  Due to factors of poor education, the War and my years in the Army, I

would be classed as a late-starter, but that was the

challenge I accepted.  In 1937 a spark was ignited in

a ten year old watching a lady painting a stained

glass window in St. Paul’s Cathedral.  That spark

grew into a flame that has never gone out.”  

Norman has spent many years teaching, giving talks and demonstrations, generously passing on his knowledge and encouraging artists of all ages to pursue their own path. He feels his life has been blessed with a talent that enabled him to enjoy the wonderful world of art, and gives thanks to the many friends who helped and encouraged him along the way. 


The story covers the period from 1934 to 2005, sharing Norman’s achievements, anecdotes and photographs of a selection of his paintings.

Written an published in 2005.